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SoundEar allows you to measure, document and visualize noise levels in your work setting.

  • SoundEar 3 300

    SoundEar 3 – 300

    Noise Environment

    The new SoundEar®3-300 with included software provides a complete overview of the noise environment.
  • SoundEar 3 310

    SoundEar 3 – 310

    Noise Environment

    The SoundEar®3 – 310 is an ideal tool to help monitor and map the noise environment. The visual signal also tells you when you need to wear hearing protection if the noise is too loud.
  • SoundEar 3 320

    SoundEar 3 – 320

    Noise Environment

    The SoundEar®3 – 320 enables you to monitor and map the noise environment.
  • SoundEar Classic

    SoundEar Classic

    Noise Measurement

    Measure and visualize noise levels: noise is a nuisance to many people – but there is no need to put up with unhealthy and uncomfortable noise levels or the risk of hearing damage. With SoundEar® you can:
    • Visualize noise levels
    • Pre-set your noise level, according to your needs
  • SoundEar II Ext Microphone

    SoundEar II Ext Microphone

    External Microphone

    SE II – EXT is an external microphone that measures the sound up to 20 meters away from the display The SE II – EXT gives you the posibility of measuring the sound up to 20 meters away from your SoundEar II. The wire has a standard length of 2 meters but you are able to buy extension cables to extend the length to 20 meters.
  • SoundEar II Industry

    SoundEar II Industry

    Noise Measurement

    Find out exactly when to use ear protection with SoundEar II Industry. Features:
    • Omits a clear warning signal if ear protection is required
    • Shows noise levels in an easy to understand manner
    • Omits a warning whenever noise levels get too high
    • Ability to preset the level for visual warning signs, shown as a flashing red light
    • Has 16 different noise limits ranging from 40 to 115 dB(A)
    • Is dust- and waterproof and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • SoundEar II Industry XL

    SoundEar II Industry XL

    Noise Measurement

    The XL model provides you a bigger sign, making it easier to see from different work stations. Features:
    • Omits a clear warning if ear protection is required
    • Shows noise levels in an easy to understand manner
    • Is dust – and waterproof and can be used indoors as well as outdoors
    • Has a scope of measurement ranging from 40 dB to 115 dB
  • SoundEar II Log Modul

    SoundEar II Log Modul

    Log II is SoundEar®’s logbook

    SoundEar® measures sound and Log II stores the information. Using the software that comes with Log II, you can see measurements carried out over a period of up to four weeks at a time on a ready-to-print graph. Works with the SoundEar II Series.
  • SoundEar II Standard

    SoundEar II Standard

    Noise Measurement

    Many hospital patients complain about too much noise. This includes noise from medical equipment, staff and visitors, closing doors etc. Research has shown that noise levels above 50 dB(A) delay recovery and rehabilitation periods, thereby causing patients to stay for an unnecessary, longer period of time due to bad acoustic and sound environments within modern hospitals.
  • SoundEar Jabra Noise Guide

    SoundEar Jabra Noise Guide

    Noise Measurement

    Noise Guide allows you to measure noise levels in open office spaces. Noise Guide introduces a solution that directly targets the cause of the noise problem: the noisy conversations.
  • SoundEar Pro

    SoundEar Pro

    Wireless Sound Level Meter

    Measure noise in up to 10 different areas at a time. With SoundEar PRO you can monitor noise levels from different locations in the company, from one central computer.
  • SoundEar Soundbuster

    SoundEar Soundbuster

    Relay for SoundEar II

    The relay, that when used together with SoundEarII,can be used to control any hi-fi systems, lights etc. connected to it. SoundBuster can either disconnect or connect the powersupply when the preset noise limit on the SoundEar IIis exceeded.
  • SoundEar V 5

    SoundEar V


    Noise measurement for open-plan offices and call-centres. SoundEarV is a little noisemeter that measures the sound level in the area around your desk. When the noise around your desk becomes too loud, a pop-up warning appears on the screen. Attach the noisemeter to the side of the computer screen and connect to the USB-port. Pre-set your own noise limit at which the pop-up warning should appear.