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Adash A4404 CMBL SAB
  • Adash A4404 SAB
  • Adash A4404 SAB

Adash A4404 CMBL SAB

Condition Monitoring Software and Balancing Package

Combines the condition monitoring software package with common accessories for 2 plane balancing. Additional options include DDS2014 ProSoftware for condition monitoring. Use as a 4 Channel Data Collector. Also included are Laser Tacho, Tacho Cable, Laser Magnetic Base, Reflective Tape. Two (2) each of the following: Standard Accelerometer, 10ft. sensor cable, magnetic flat and curved sensor bases.

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  • Analyzer
  • Route
  • Run up/Coast down
  • Recorder
  • Balancer
  • FASIT – Expert system
  • Stethoscope
  • Lubri
  • Octave analysis
  • Bump test
  • ADS (Animated Deflection Shapes)

The A4404 – SAB (Signal Analyzer Box) is a pocket size 4 channel vibration analyzer.

Connect the A4404 – SAB to any computer by USB and use the unit for data analysing, collecting and the recording of vibration signals.

Install Virtual Unit sofrware to get all the functions of A4400 VA4 Pro analyzer.

The instrument is powered directly by USB connection so no external power is needed.