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Shipping Policy

Prices are quoted Exworks (EXW) shipping point, unless otherwise agreed in writing, and delivery to a transportation company, properly consigned, shall constitute delivery to the Buyer.

a) TTA, Inc. will endeavor to deliver or activate the Product within thirty (30) days of order acceptance. If multiple Products are ordered, TTA, Inc. reserves the right to deliver or activate each Product separately.

b) Products will be delivered either to Buyer’s delivery address or possession, or electronically. The risk of loss or damage to the Products will pass to the Buyer at the moment the Products are delivered to his delivery address or possession.

c) If Buyer refuses or neglects to take delivery of the Products, TTA, Inc. reserves the right to charge Buyer for the reasonable cost of storing the Products until delivery can be made.

d) If delivery to Buyer should fail for any reason outside of TTA, Inc.’s control, TTA, Inc. reserves the right to cancel the purchase agreement and refund any money paid.

e) If TTA, Inc. delivers a Product or an amount of a Product that Buyer did not order or activates a Product on his device by mistake, Buyer shall immediately inform TTA, Inc. of its mistake by email or via and he shall, at TTA, Inc.’s request, immediately arrange for the return of the Product (the costs of which shall be met by TTA, Inc.), de-install or destruct the Product.

f) Acceptance of a non-ordered Product or amount of a Product does not relieve Buyer from acceptance and payment of the Product he initially ordered, unless otherwise agreed with TTA, Inc..