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Delta Ohm HD 2060
  • DeltaOhm HD 2060 calibrator for vibration transducers

Delta Ohm HD 2060


Portable Multi-Frequency and Multi-Level Calibrator for Vibration Transducers

The calibrator HD2060 generates mechanical vibration amplitude controlled with precision and frequency stabilized by a quartz.

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  • Two frequencies of emission: 15,915 Hz at 1 m/s2 and 0,1 g; 159,155 Hz at 10 m/s2 and 1 g
  • Low distortion accelerations, indipendent from the mass of the transducer
  • Absence of dispersed magnetic field
  • Backlit display with the indication of the acceleration level stabilization
  • Internal rechargeable battery which allows 2 hours of continuous operation at 15.915 Hz and 7 hours of continuos operation at 159.155 Hz

Coupling a transducer to the vibrating displacement. The presence of a rechargeable internal battery, the weight and the small of accurately maintaining the amplitude level set, regardless of the load associated with the mass of the transducer (within the limits stated in the technical specifications).

The mechanical vibrations generated by the calibrator are very stable over the time, with a typical drif of 1% per year. In order to maintain the accuracy, we recommend the annual calibration at DELTA OHM metrological laboratories.